Welcome to Music-Makers

Music-Makers is a Scottish-based organisation dedicated to chamber music, as well as the solo instrumental and vocal repertoire. We aim to inspire others to enjoy and appreciate this music as much as we do, and to explore its vast and varied riches.

Under the artistic direction of Gusztáv Fenyő, we have acquired a reputation for innovative programmes, imaginative presentations and exciting performances.

Since formation in 1995, we have promoted a wide range of live performances, from festivals and themed concert series to masterclasses and summer schools, in a variety of settings, mostly within Scotland and always involving superb professional musicians. We have also supported young musicians at the beginning of their careers by providing training and performance opportunities. You will find further information under Events, with plenty of photos in our Gallery.

Earlier this year we presented a unique keyboard series at Glasgow’s City Halls which combined Shostakovich’s 24 Preludes & Fugues with J.S. Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier to highlight the connections between the two works. Full details here. Several videos from this series, together with other recordings, can be found on our Video/Audio page, with a more extensive selection on Gusztáv’s YouTube channel.

We also invite you to follow Gusztáv’s blog covering a broad array of musical topics and to share on our Facebook page.

Whatever your choice, we look forward to sharing the joy of music-making with you – and do please feel free to contact us.